Funkin’ up the neighbourhood

We are absolutely stoked about two super-local things, and bummed by another. First, the great announcements:

Townee Tees are now at Delirium, on King Street North in Waterloo! This super funky store is totally worth a visit, Townee Tees or no. Be warned, though: It’s dangerous. Too much awesome for one store.

Also, on Sunday, June 10, Townee Tees will be for sale in our very own neighbourhood. A few of our shirts will be for sale at The Grand Porch Party, with proceeds going to support the Uptown West Neighbourhood Association.

Sadly, however, our shirts will no longer be available at Rarefunk in downtown Kitchener because Rarefunk is no more. Congrats to Tamara for all of her efforts, and thanks on behalf of every craftisan for giving us the opportunity to think of ourselves as artists. You don’t know what you started…..


Come say hi at Columbia Lake Health Club

Townee Tees is one of the vendors at the Columbia Lake Health Club‘s open week, so come say g’day. (Don’t worry – we won’t mind if you’re sweaty.)

We’ll be at the club from 4pm to 7pm on Wednesday, Nov. 9, with both Tony and Tenille’s tees on sale, as well as a range of Tenille’s Christmas cards. Get fit AND take care of your holiday shopping. Beautiful!